About LID Vending

LID Vending is a leader in vending machines rentals.

LID Vending supplies only top quality vending machines and leading brands from around the world. We have a full time team dedicated to ensure that your vending machine is always fully stocked and running smoothly.

Our vending machines can be fully customized with product, brands, flavors and the layout of the machines.

We stock many different leading brands of vending machines to meet the requirements of any company or need.

We offer a number of different vending options:

A reputable & reliable company providing all your vending needs.

  • Vending Equipment suited to your company environment that can be branded with your Corporate Logo.
  • We supply you convenience at the touch of a button for Confectionery Beverages and Snacks.
  • “Placements” of Combination & Cold Drink Vending Machines with Mini mum cost to your company.
  • Rentals for companies that have the facility to operate.
  • Subsidy Rentals for those companies that want the convenience for staff & customers without the hassle.
  • References confidently provided

Your Vending Partner