Free Vending Machine Rental

FREE VENDING MACHINES for all you needs throughout Gauteng.

Your business partners, faculty, staff members, clients, and building visitors will all greatly enjoy the convenience of our vending machines and the wide variety of choices they offer.

Getting your free vending machine delivered to your door is just 1 simple step away.

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How LID Vending works

We services most areas throughout Gauteng. Offering you cold drink machines, snack machines or combination vending machine, we will provide you with a machine to meet your every needs, free of charge, delivered to your door.

Benefits Of Using A Free Vending Machine:

  • No Purchase Costs
  • No Maintenance Costs
  • No Need To Stock
  • No Hassles

How it works…

  1. Submit Your Details Click Here
  2. We Do A Viability Assessment (Within 7 Days)
  3. Once Accepted, We will Install Your Vending Machine

Why Is It Free?

While YOU benefit from the convenience of using a free vending machine, we benefit from sales. It’s a WIN WIN situation for both of us.

Qualifying Criteria…

  1. Your location must have at least 50 employees or daily visitors
  2. Your location must be in Gauteng, South Africa
  3. Your location must be accessible Monday – Friday between 09h00 and 17h00

There are Many other rental options for those that do not qualify as per above criteria, so please don’t hesitate to contact LID Vending…

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Your Vending Partner